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The Council of Watchers

The Council of Watchers is a global organization that has controlled most of what happens in the world for the last 120 years. The Council has a few decisions to make concerning a prophecy given to them about a warrior that could be turned into either their greatest weapon or greatest enemy. As this story unfolds, you begin to see that everything bad you see in the world happens for a reason.

This short story is set in the meeting that will shape the rest of Jacob's life (The main Character in “The DarkSide of Good”.

Watch as you begin to learn the underlying reasons of why bad things happen to good people.

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The Pale Child

People accept certain things as destiny, but destiny is simply the sum of choices. This horror / dark fantasy short takes an old story and twists it around. Enjoy.

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Christmas Wrath

After the first semester of college, a group of friends decide to have a party at a family cabin in the mountains. Grandpa never let them use the cabin after Christmas for a good reason. He died before he could tell his family why.

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