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The Darkside of Good

Some things just aren’t what they seem.

This Gritty Supernatural Thriller combines elements of Horror, Comedy, and the Paranormal Occult that results in a fast paced, action packed page turner. Don't believe me, read the reviews!

Do you believe in Angels, Demons, and monsters? Well they believe in you, and once you figure out that they exist in the same world you do, well life will never be the same.

Jacob’s life is turned upside down as he works his way through several twists and turns that lead to his new life as an assassin. Everyone seems to want something from Jacob, who can he trust?

Jacob’s journey leads him to make the decision, is he good, or is he evil. Read as the mystery unfolds and Jacob grabs his destiny and assumes his place in the world.

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The Darkside of Good
Jacob's Ladder

He’s given powers that intensify his anger issues.

His happy childhood memories are all lies.

He finds his extended family, now they want him dead.

On top of everything else, an invincible enemy coming back for vengeance.

Ever since Jacob left the army, he hasn’t known who could be trusted, nothing has changed accept his discovery that Witches, Giants, Vampires, and Shadow People are real. Add in a crazy Jesuit Priest that’s producing a mind control powder, and our favorite Demon from Antarctica, it becomes a wild ride!

The second book in the Dark Fantasy Thriller Series; The Darkside of Good: Jacob’s Ladder. Jacob dives head first into his new world to find friends in strange places, and treachery all around.

If you are looking for a face paced Dark Fantasy with plenty of twist and turns. BUY THE DARKSIDE OF GOOD NOW and start your journey towards the end.

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The Darkside of Good

Book 3 in the Series. Will be released in December of 2019

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