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The DarkSide of Good: Press Release

OCT 10 2018

Captain Jacob Baccus is more than a man. He's a hero. Sworn by his duty to protect a group of scientists traveling in Baghdad during the Iraq War, he helps secure an incredible secret: the ancient body of King Nimrod. Together, Captain Baccus and his platoon escorts the body to a secret base only to find out that everything is not as it seems. Thrown into a war he didn't expect, Captain Baccus faces his toughest mission yet. Little does he know that the war between good and evil is just getting started.

If you love urban fantasy and losing yourself in a good book, it's time to pick up J.B. Chivvy's new novel, "The Darkside of Good." Filled with suspense, adventure, and intrigue, you won't be able to stop turning pages. From the launch of Captain Baccus; mission to the thrilling conclusion, you won't be able to put it down. Dive into the world of Baghdad before being transported to a secret base. Watch as Baccus discovers he's in for more than bargained for and find out what happens next as he begins to fight for everything he's ever known.

Watch as he begins to fight for his life, and for his world.

J.B. Chivvy's debut novel is a must-read for fans of historical and urban fantasy, so don't wait to get your copy today. Books and digital copies are available through Pick up your copy today!

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