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What Happened?

OCT 04 2019

Life sometimes takes turns that you dont expect. Two weekends ago I went to a conference for Authors in Austin, Texas. It was a great weekend; I even came home with some awards and some other recognitions. I met some great people and made some connections that I look forward to developing over the next year or so.

The morning that I came back to work, I had to deal with a flooded basement at my work. The relocation and clean up efforts are still underway.

So, work kind of sucks right now. I will be releasing three books in November and December. The Darkside of Good, Jacob’s Ladder (Book 2 in the series), and Resurrections (Book 3 in the series).

My plan is to start blogging on a regular basis once I get through the release of the first book. I will try to post a few articles here and there, but my focus will be on getting the books out on Amazon…and cleaning up this basement mess.

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