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I'm Back

AUG 23 2019

Well, here we are almost a year later. So last October I had dreams and aspirations of just publishing a book and seeing what happened.

I quickly became obsessed with the book and decided to write a second, third, and fourth. Wow, is it nice to have lofty goals. Then I realized something, I was lying to myself.

The book business is hard. It takes a ton of time and patience. It takes courage to put yourself out there and get knocked around by all the scholars and critics. I had a few wins, a few kicks in the old stomach, to be honest, it was the kicks that drove me further.

I hired a consultant and bought into a marketing program. I took classes on writing, social media, and marketing. I joined groups with other authors and watched what the did to launch their books. My desire to market and be successful dwindled somewhat.

It was replaced by a desire to write books. I learned that physical writing of books is something that I enjoy, in fact, I enjoy it almost too much. I wrote a couple of short stories which will be published very soon. I took my books and looked at them, then rewrote everyone of them. In fact, I am currently re-writing my third book for the fourth time; yikes.

The point of this little article is to simply say, I am back. I have more books coming out and I'm not going to stop. I have changed my writing style and book layouts. While that is all nice, I am more concerned about this blog. It is time to kick this into gear.

I have no idea how many articles I am going to publish per week / month / year. I will tell you that I will attempt to entertain you, make you laugh, and every now and then try to get you to buy a book or three.

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