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A unique MUST read for anyone who loves action, adventure, science fiction, or mystery!

I really, REALLY, loved this story! Fantastic story, wonderful, believable characters!

In the never ending battle of good and evil, this book gives it all.

It left me wanting to see what this author’s next book is like.

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The Darkside of good:

In Iraq, he saw his men slaughtered. They’re back to deliver him to Hell…

Lieutenant Jacob Baccus is still wrestling with his supernatural gifts. But with civilization hanging by a thread, he might be humanity’s last hope. And unless he can hunt down the mind-control drug his fiendish enemy plans to inflict on the entire population, everyone is doomed.

Already devastated by his failure to save his girlfriend from a gruesome murder, he’s crippled by guilt when the unit he watched die returns possessed by demons. Terrified by his unreliable power and fraying sanity, he worries he may not be strong enough to avert Armageddon.

Can Baccus summon the will to defeat his worst foe yet?

The Darkside of Good: Resurrections is the third pulse-pounding book in the Darkside of Good grim fantasy series. If you like gritty fighters, high-stakes combat, and hidden agendas, then you’ll love Jeff Bacon’s wild tale. 

Buy The Darkside of Good: Resurrections today to stop the body count from going global!

About the Author

“A Successful book is not made of what is in it, but by what is left out of it...” - Mark Twain

Jeff Bacon was born and raised on a farm near the city of Aberdeen, South Dakota. He attended Northern State University where he attained a BS in Accounting, a BS in Information Technologies and an MBA. He now lives in Janesville, Wisconsin with his wife, their children and 2 dogs.

Having worked in IT since 1994, Jeff has always had an eye on the evolution of technology. But inside himself he always knew there was a writer struggling to get out and make himself heard.

Throwing caution to the wind, he decided to write his first book and the result is The Darkside of Good, which is a supernatural thriller that pits good against evil as the battle of Armageddon approaches.

In his spare time, Jeff participates in Brazilian Jujitsu and submission wrestling. He also enjoys outdoor sports like kayaking, rock climbing and zip lining, but when he is feeling creative he loves nothing better than working with a piece of wood and making something unique.

Being new to the world of writing, Jeff is interested to see where it will lead him in the future. The opportunity to entertain readers with his imagination is an intriguing prospect and he hopes that enough people will like his work to inspire him to write and entertain more.

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